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  • This 317-page report issued in August 2014 by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration presents the agency’s detailed analysis about the viability and challenges of vehicle-to-vehicle communications system to improve...[read more]

  • This comprehensive analysis from the U.S. Energy Information Administration offers projections of America’s energy supply, demand and pricing through 2040. The 258-page report’s four-page executive summary predicts that 2% annual...[read more]

  • A dozen authorities in the connected-car market offer their perspectives on the future of connectivity in this 34-page report from Telefonica, the Spanish telecommunications giant. An executive summary identifies 10...[read more]

  • Developments during 2013 in the U.S. intercity bus industry are summarized in this 17-page report from DePaul University’s Chicago-based Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development. The analysis says a one-way intercity...[read more]

  • By 2050, urban dwellers will account for 86% of the population of developed regions and 64% of that in less-developed regions, according to this 2011 update from the Population Division...[read more]

  • It is becoming universally clear that the most commonly pursued solutions don’t fully address urban transportation’s increasingly complex human, physical, and political context. This report by the University of Michigan’s...[read more]

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  • Turning the potential of truly intelligent vehicles into reality means a fundamental change in the way carmakers and their suppliers interact, says Sam LaMagna, Director of Advanced Driving Technologies in...[read more]

  • Innovation at Magna International Inc. focuses on advances that make cars cleaner, safer and lighter. The company spends 20%-30% of its research and development budget on game-changer technologies, including those...[read more]

  • This 56-page document from the Canadian Urban Institute and Moving the Economy is a primer on the processes and technology surrounding the movement of goods in urban areas. The report...[read more]

  • Fast-changing events across the automotive ecosystem are impacting the operating environment, customer preferences, competition and supply chain. EY’s Global Automotive Center has identified eight megatrends that will affect the industry...[read more]

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